What We Do

  1. Teach skills and strategies for resolving conflict by building consensus and for building capacity through sustainable decision-making
    1. Africa project
    2. Kellogg-Washington State University project
    3. Portland workshops
  2. Resolve conflicts at the intra- and inter-personal and inter-group levels
    1. Organizational conflicts
    2. Family estate planning
    3. Land boundary conflicts
    4. Village and ethnic conflicts
    5. Urban conflicts: gangs; zoning; land use
    6. Education: bullying; diversity
    7. Financial crisis
    8. Team development and interpersonal conflict
  3. Strategic level planning and implementation within complex settings to attain socially, economically, and ecologically congruent results – more complex, in-depth planning
    1. Hawaii ranch to foster a 100-year vision
    2. Colville Tribal work
  4. Coaching and mentoring individuals and small groups
    1. 7 question guidance
    2. Mentoring
    3. Training and supporting other facilitators
  5. Presentations and motivational speaking
    1. Native Network
    2. Social Sustainability Colloquium
    3. Planner’s Network
    4. NGO workshops
    5. Foundations Annual Celebration
    6. National and international conference keynote speaker

For additional information, please contact goebel@aboutlistening.com.

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