Financial Planning – Applying the Triple Bottom Line: People*Profit*Planet


The future is created by how one spends their time and money today.  We have over 25 years of national and international experience working with individuals and organizations to create sustainability and prosperity through times of change, scarcity, and conflict.


To listen to Jeff’s explanation of Financial Planning for Sustainability process in detail, click here: Listen to a podcast.


Examples of past results:

  • Enabled the management of a national forest to achieve 126% of goals.
  • Increased by $2 million the annual net revenues of four ranches under one corporation.
  • Doubled annual production while cutting costs and improving quality for an Indian Nation.
  • Increased food production by 78% for African villages by using their own resources.

Achievable Results:

  • Optimize revenue and cut production costs without eliminating jobs.
  • Achieve and enhance profitability.
  • Triple bottom-line business success (people, profit, planet).
  • Staffing for effectiveness and efficiency


Jeff did the podcast for the Soho Mastermind Advanced Strategy group (