Welcome to About Listening, Goebel and Associates!

We work on conflict resolution through consensus building, serving organizations, groups, and families confronting complex issues, involving multiple agendas, and seeking lasting, win/win solutions.  Our approach begins with seeking to understand the root causes of conflict, identifying all the individuals involved, and bringing them together in a collaborative process of visioning, trust building, and negotiation that empowers all parties to the conflict and ensures that all voices are heard and all interests are recognized and taken into account in the final decision.

Slideshow - Resolving conflict in West Africa

Our vision of social harmony and sustainability is rooted in the belief that as humans, we are all endowed with the capacity to identify our needs, articulate our interests, and respond responsibly and respectfully to our social and biological world.

Our team includes facilitators, writers, and ecologists with a wide range of backgrounds and extensive experience in facilitation, sustainability, and consensus building across a variety of contexts and fields.

We address conflicts involving issues of change, scarcity, power and diversity through systems analysis, research, workshops tailored to participants’ schedules and needs, and— for organizations—conduct institutes and retreats.  Our staff can assist you at all stages of consensus building through implementation including benchmark monitoring and grantwriting. We also provide training to groups and organizations in conflict resolution, respectful listening, and productive visioning.